ZPAS Ballet/Contemporary Fusion

RAD Ballet 

By choosing an RAD registered teacher you are choosing quality, safety and professionalism. There are over 8,000 teachers registered with RAD worldwide and we are lucky enough to have the fabulous Miss Katie on our team! Using structured syllabuses which include barre work we concentrate on good technique.


Children will learn set exercises to develop strength, vocabulary and ability to execute positions and movements correctly and safely. They will also learn routines to encourage musicality, feeling and passion through dance and prepare for annual exams.

Zenzero Performing Arts School performs

Musical Theatre

Our Musical Theatre performance team meet every Monday with the Principal Miss Hannah to prepare a repertoire of of numbers in differing styles in preparation for various performances throughout the year. 

Classes encourage the skills and strength required for demanding routines which will often include singing and acting as well as dancing.


Music used in these classes is hugely varied with some easily recognisable popular songs and numbers from musicals and other genres.



This is a fantastic opportunity for children to expand on their performing arts training and try out a fun skill, which only continues to grow in popularity, in a safe space. Gymnastics is a brilliant complimentary skill for any performers, especially those interested in dance and Musical Theatre. 

Our teachers are trained by ACROTRIX who are proud to be one of the few expert acro tutors and consultancies in the world, offering workshops, teacher training, privates and more!

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